Location: 17 51.94'S 2 38.29'W

Day 11 on passage to St. Helena, and everyone is alive and well on Argo but eager to restock on snacks and fresh fruit in a little over a day. Prior to catching up on some zzzs last night, some of the crew gathered in the cockpit around 9:30 PM to celebrate our crossing of the prime meridian, which pretty much looked like a cult gathering, as does everything on Argo. Its hard to believe we soon wont be experiencing 360 degrees of ocean. We will most definitely find it a little difficult to walk after finally perfecting how to cook while simultaneously being almost thrown into the oven by the sway of Argo. Common dinner conversations have begun to include, How much ice cream do you think St. Helena has? or I wonder if Ill get winded after walking a quarter of a mile?

Todays class time included a documentary on Irving Johnson, who managed to sail the treacherous waters of Cape Horn, followed by our first Marine Biology exam. With watch team two on duty and the rest of us with free time to spare after deck showers, the majority of Argos crew took advantage of the first hot, sunny day of this passage. Some read books on top of the chart house, others basked in the sun, enjoyed a game of cards, or took the time to wash some clothes on deck. All in all, its been quite a great day out here in the middle of nowhere, with pizza made by Lindsay as an absolutely perfect ending to the day.

P.S. Shout out to the special people in my life back home. I love and miss you all!