Location: 16 35.27"S 4 38.36'W

Hello Home! We are currently less than 100nm off of St. Helena. We have heard from the local guides that whale sharks have been spotted recently around the island. Last night at around 2100, we crossed the Prime Meridian or 000 00.0000 West. We had a big dance party to celebrate. Tonight is the last night of the first leg of our. Sorry about the pause, I was interrupted by a sperm whale off the starboard bow! Dont get the opportunity to see those often. Anyway, tonights the last night of the first leg of our Atlantic crossing. We have been making way for about 12 days and been without a warm shower for about 14 days. The biggest thing Im looking forward to St. Helena other than whale sharks is the laundromat, with the grocery store in a close second. Something Ive learned on passage is how sometimes its the little things that keep you going. For example, the best day of passage for me was the day we discovered that there is a pink lemonade mix on board. Or the brief excitement we all experience when Harrison battles a big fish on the line. Its the little things we take for granted, but its the little things that make life great. It hit me a few days ago, that small feeling of theres nothing out there, no ship, no land, nothing but us. Argo is our universe while on passage. She is our home, and the ocean our property. We can go anywhere, forge any sea, brave any storm. Argo is alive, a living breathing creature with the canvas as lungs and saltwater as blood. I know she is alive because I feel her every time I take the helm. A creature born to be free. And she will take us with her wherever she goes. No one in the world can stop her; no one can stop us when we hoist the sails. Ive never been happier than at the helm of Argo, with my best friends by my side through it all. This is what I have learned over the past 20 days; I cant wait to see what the next 70 have in store.
And to my family, P.S.
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