Location: Jamestown, St. Helena

After a lengthy 12-day passage from Cape Town, we finally caught sight of St. Helena and are now anchored just offshore. Early this morning, we were boarded by customs and immigration, after which we took some time to give Argo some love with a deep clean, aptly called a Boat Appreciation. Right before lunch, we spotted a huge pod of dolphins just a few meters from the boat the perfect excuse for a first jump overboard! Later in the day, after taking down the other half of our broken boom, everyone completed the swim test of three laps around the boat, followed by a 10-minute tread. With the rest of the afternoon relatively free, everyone enjoyed a much-needed relaxing afternoon of no classes and doing various tricks off the side of the boat. As the sun started to set, everyone participated in refreshing ocean showers before enjoying a delicious dinner of rolls and beef stroganoff. It’s been a long day, and after Tina’s destination presentation, we all perused the many pamphlets on the island Lindsay brought back for us. Everyone is exhausted, to say the least, but stoked for tomorrows snorkel with whale sharks and finally getting to set foot on land again.