Location: Underway to Mauritius

Hello, beautiful land dwellers!

Welcome to day 51 of life aboard S/Y Argo. Our twelfth day of passage brings us about 100 nautical miles closer to the tantalizing island of Mauritius (tantalizing because we are all craving land so much). The day followed the regular underway schedule, throwing in an Oceanography quiz to spice things up (I’m not failing at college!). You may be wondering what the title of this blog means: as the days rolled by, lonely, we sailed across the third largest ocean in the world. It was not until today, day 12 of passage, that we finally saw life again! As we approach the bustling harbor of Port Louis, Mauritius, more and more vessels are joining us upon the seas, giving the cabin fevered students a glimpse of hope. The land is near. So very near. We’ve come so far as a crew. We literally crossed an ocean together. We laughed, and cried, and hit our heads on everything, and definitely went into chaos mode, but we did it. Now, we’re all just dreaming of solid land and McDonald’s (Aidan is SO excited for McDonald’s). Here’s to one more day!
Also attached is a picture of Falk and me at prom because I know you really wanted to see a picture of me with a guy at prom, mom.
I hope autumn back home is as beautiful as I am picturing it and that my brother is surviving his first year of High School (sorry I can’t be there to help you, Bud).
I miss you all more than anything, but just know that I am having the absolute time of my life, and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity you allowed me.
Sending all of my love from 01842.06’S 06227.34’E,
Kylie P.