Location: Dominica

Well, we are here at last. For me this is the one spot on the trip with expectations to uphold, and these expectations are set high. It was a tiring day for the crew to be sure, we came into Dominica just before 8:00 am this morning while being welcomed with one of the most “heavenly” sunrise as Dillon put it so eloquently on watch this morning. The sun was coming up over clouds floating low over the Dominican mountains. We had a good, but short session of Boat Appreciation and an oceanography class. After lunch we went on a double tank dive-appaloosa with Marcus, Brandon and Stinger from Dive Dominica at Witch’s Peak and Champagne. Both were visually stunning and literally breathtaking as we were underwater for more than an hour and twenty minutes. We returned to Ocean Star with empty stomachs to be greeted with Clara’s breakfast for dinner creation. To end a wonderful yet exhausting day we were rewarded with in my humble opinion one of the most gorgeous sunsets as of yet on this voyage. Add one more perfect day to the count