Location: Liscia, Italy

This morning started at 6 am with Argo swinging abruptly around, 180 degrees from how we had been sitting the previous two days. The anchorage that had been our safe haven during this nasty storm was no longer secure due to the storm swinging around to this new angle. Anchor watch immediately woke up the staff, and Kevin decided that it was best to move Argo to a safer location. An hour later, and after more wind and rain, we were finally anchored in our new safe anchorage, and it was time to enjoy blueberry and chocolate muffins made by Parker, Matt, and Chloe. Since the day was set to have more wind and rain, we filled our day with three classes, napping, studying, and playing Farkel (a dice game). After marine biology and sailing class, the storm had ceased, and saltwater showers were enjoyed by everyone. With the storm finally moving onward tonight, we are setting sail on the two and half-day voyage to Tarragona, Spain. Let the sailing begin.