Location: Isola Spargi, Sardinia, Italy

After a long rainy night of anchor watch, everyone was woken up at 7 am for breakfast and passage prep. At breakfast, we were briefed by the staff about how our anchor had dragged during the night. The staff responded quickly and professionally and was able to safely reset the anchor during the early morning hours. We ate breakfast down below because of the stormy weather, a rare occasion. Before we headed out of Sardinia to make our way to Corsica, we had a quick sailing class. While underway to Corsica, lunch was being prepared in the waviest conditions we’ve seen yet. After 30 minutes underway to Corsica, Kevin made the call to head back to Sardinia when it got to the point where the engine was full power, and we were still moving backward. There was also quite a bit of seasickness on board, which I was lucky enough to not have been a part of. We headed back to our original anchorage, where we spent the night before and had another sailing class. The professional skippers class also met for the first time. There was quite a bit of games, movies, and sleeping going on after our classes, as the weather was bad. A small group was brave enough to go on a hike when the rain subsided for a while but returned a couple of hours later, dripping wet with smiles on their faces. We then had dinner and one more class and will prepare for another rainy night of anchor watch, hopefully without the anchor dragging again.



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