Location: Isola Spargi, Sardinia, Italy

With a belly full of chocolate-banana pancakes, we jumped off Argo into the clear blue (but chilly!) Mediterranean waters. Our Open Water divers took turns practicing more dive skills, such as clearing their masks and making an ascent with their buddy’s air source. The Open water students only have two more dives before they are certified divers! After lunch, we learned about seagrass in Marine Biology class and then suited up to do an Oceanography/Marine Biology lab. We dinghied to Isola Spargi, where our Oceanography instructor Emma took us on a hike across the island. On the hike, we observed the physical and biological differences that occur on leeward versus windward shores. Then we suited up and gritted our teeth to enter the chilly water again. We split up into three survey groups to measure the difference in biological diversity between seagrass, rock, and sand habitats. Tonight we will analyze our results to see if our hypothesis was correct. We have really enjoyed our time in Italy, but it is time to say goodbye as we head to France tomorrow!