Location: Sardinia, Italy

Today began with an end to our 18-hour passage from Civitavecchia to Sardinia. Our night travels were marked by a relatively light wind, rolling swells, and a big beautiful full moon. Boat watch chats could be found all around Argo throughout the night. From the bowsprit to the cockpit, Argo’s crew continued to bond. It’s hard to believe that we’ve only known each other for 14 days!

We rolled into our planned anchorage point at 7:30 this morning but quickly realized that the wind direction, depth, and shore situation made for an unsafe anchorage point. After motoring around for a bit, we spotted a place even more ideal than our planned spot. We are quickly learning that boat life is all about adapting to change and handling unexpected situations.

Today was dedicated to diving and snorkeling in the beautiful blue waters of Sardinia. Divers working towards their open water certifications stepped directly off the boat in all of their dive gear for the first time and spent the morning enjoying their first open water dives. We explored the seagrass and spotted several sea cucumbers, the most hilarious of the sea creatures.

After lunch, our certified divers had a chance to dive around the area for fun as well. Those who weren’t in the water had the long-awaited chance to catch up on some sleep. For dinner, we celebrated the classic Sardinian tradition of Taco Tuesday, courtesy of our excellent chef, Maddie. We had a quick Oceanography class, and it was off to bed for an early night. We’ll be up again tomorrow for our usual 7 am wake-up and another day aboard S/Y Argo!