Location: Underway to Sardinia, Italy

The Argo crew was awakened this morning after a fabulous weekend in Rome to the smell of French Toast. There were a lot of tired faces, but in no time, everyone gathered on deck and had a great breakfast to start the week. After breakfast, we went over the daily agenda in preparation to start the 18-hour trek to Sardinia. With the help of many hands and all of us working together, we prepared Argo to sail so that we could leave the port of Civitavecchia before noon. The weather conditions at departure time were not in Argo’s favor because the wind was very light, making the sailing much slower. Captain Kevin decided to motor on forward to Sardinia in hopes of finding more wind with two sails up. About three miles offshore, the cooking crew prepared an excellent pesto salad, which was delicious. We got into our watch teams and performed the respective daily duties as assigned. Since we have been at sea, things have been very quiet. With winds increasing moderately from the south, it has picked up the speed a bit. All smiles from the Argo crew as we arrive in Sardinia tomorrow morning around 5 am for a day full of scuba diving.