Location: Rome, Italy

Greetings and salutations! Today we had an early wake-up for another day in Rome. After our late night yesterday, everyone was a bit groggy and grumpy rolling out of bed. But, despite the lack of sleep and the train ride into the city, we all were able to shake the boogers out of our eyes to behold the glory of the Vatican. Some who went into the Vatican described it as overwhelmingly beautiful and emotional. Some went to mass. Some had a religious experience. Others in the group were daunted by the long line, so they went to roam the roads of Rome. A few of the group got lost traveling in circles, but they were able to enjoy the sights along the way. Many of us found delectable pizza and pasta dishes for lunch. And of course, we had to enjoy gelato on our last day in Rome. We’re preparing to head out into town for the last hurrah in Italy. Tomorrow we have a passage ahead of us, so we can’t stay out too late. Ciao!