Location: The Bight, Norman Island, BVI

The Caribbean is great for a whole host of reasons, but there’s something different about the British Virgin Islands. When you spend some time here, you realize why it’s so special and why so many visits, mostly on a wide variety of boats. It’s like the mini Caribbean, without the currency changes, the language differences, and immigration to visit at each island. It truly is easy living, toes in the water kind of stuff. I challenge you to be bored here.
There’s diving of not just airplanes and ancient wrecks but fantastic coral, reef fish, and even some larger critters like sharks, turtles, and rays. You can kiteboard, bird watch, hike to some fantastic views of the crystal clear water, and, of course, sail till your heart is content. It’s a wonderful playground for a huge amount of fun but also a place for some reflection and relaxation. When you take a moment here the surroundings bring to the forefront of your mind of all the good things that your life has to offer, it really is some good chicken soup for the soul. But what’s even better about that, especially on a Seamester, ActionQuest or Lifeworks program, is that everyone else is experiencing and feeling the same thing. It is this that builds not only great relations with those in your present moment but also provides the insight to take those skills with you wherever you may go in the world, and to whomever you may meet.

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