Location: West End Tortola

We find ourselves back on the docks in the western end of Tortola known as Soaper’s Hole. With Ocean Star nestled into her spot on Ollie’s marina, we set to work bringing her back to the beautiful and pristine condition we found her in at the beginning of our voyage. Much scrubbing and washing was happening throughout the far corners of the vessel and we had to make sure to get in all of the forgotten holes and dark voids that can sometimes swallow up unexpected items. Its always fun because you never what you will find. After a long day of cleaning, there was a brief pause for some last minute shopping before we needed to get ready for our final night out. Right before leaving for our final night, we all sat down in that large circle we know so well and we did our last squeeze with one another. It was a sad realization looking around at all the faces and knowing that this would likely be the last time we would all be together. Squeeze was really personal and deep and it stretched on for quite some time. By the time, all was said and all the stories and memories had been shared, the light of the sun had dipped below the horizon. With a final unified clap, we made our way over to Exy and shuttled across the harbor over to the Fish and Lime Bar. It was a delicious final meal and after a few drinks and some dancing, we headed home to the Star and packed the last of our things. It was a good end to the voyage. Good-bye Ocean Star and may fair winds and safe seas forever guide your journeys.