Location: Ceram and Banda seas

Hey, Perry here, and today was a super fun day at passage. Today was the first full day of our passage across the Ceram and Banda seas, and it was a productive day for everyone. The day started with an insanely cool glassy sea state that reflected the sky and all the clouds. It was really cool. Next, we were spoiled with a great pad Thai lunch prepped by Larkin, Heather, and Sydney. We rolled straight into classes after that, where Kirstyn and I presented our leadership project on being in communities, which was very cool. Afterward, we had pt.1 of our last marine biology lecture; it feels weird now that the program is starting to come to a close. After we had some study hall time, we had another fire dinner prepped by the chef team, which was teriyaki chicken bowls. It definitely made the night that much better, and speaking of better, the sunset tonight lit up the entire sky in a really cool red/orange glow. It was definitely one of the prettiest sunsets we’ve had on the voyage. It also was one of the windiest days of the voyage, we hit 10 knots (which I haven’t seen before), and I even needed a hoodie, which was an odd feeling. It was a slower day, but it was a very fun day of getting work done, as well as having some great food and company. I am sad this is my last time being skipper, but I am excited to see my family in a few weeks. Thank you for reading, Perry out.