Location: East of Pulau Kofiau

It really is getting hard to say that this trip is in the last leg of its course. We are all completing classes slowly but surely, and the light at the end of the tunnel is visible. Regardless of the feelings we all are going to have to experience at the end, we are staying excited for what is still to come. Raja Ampat, despite being able to admire its beauty, was a stop that we did not get to do as much diving as we anticipated. The future still holds experiences for diving, and the crew is staying hopeful. There were no pictures from today specifically so the ones here are some of the better pictures Raja let me take.

Today was an exciting morning as we all got out of bed to chocolate chip muffins and savory breakfast counterparts to go along. After such, we prepped the boat for passage as we are now en route to Komodo. This is one stop that everyone is excited about. The opportunity to see Komodo dragons in person isn’t something everyone gets to see in their lifetime. Sails are raised, and it’s back to living life at a 30-degree incline where the most mundane tasks now require a proper amount of brain computing to complete. Though that sounds like complaining, it really is the most fun to me. Long duty-free hours of watching the waves and sipping on strong black coffee to combat the improper sleep schedules we all have had to get accustomed to are ahead.

Many of us are still keeping in touch with family and friends alike, and having service enough in the most unlikely of places eased some of the stress some of us had for life back home. I’m certain everyone wants to say a quick “miss you all! See you soon!”