Location: Underway to Fernando de Noronha

These days at sea are not marked by traditional cycles of twenty-four hours but rather by meals and wake-ups, apples and peanut butter, squeeze questions, and R. Kelly choirs. Today was nothing to the contrary as we have now come within five days’ time of our next port of call, Fernando de Noronha. It is a standard passage day; the first time the full crew mustered in the cockpit was for lunch, after which two classes, both from which I am exempt, took place. I found it amusing to listen to bits and pieces of an oceanography lecture that seeped in back in Miami and the fading but familiar sounds of the PADI open water instructional videos as I ‘studied’ in my bunk. Now I write, peering through the chart house porthole for inspiration, watching the deckie team struggle, and I cannot help but think to myself, ‘Why is Zack wearing a button-down?’ The sun that made walking on Argo’s topsides feel like walking on a bed of hot coals straight out of the works of Gustave Flaubert now begins to set, descending into wisps of grey clouds, bringing with it the normal, pleasant southeasterly breeze of about 16 knots. The majority of the crew members not on watch have now settled into the saloon to finish work that is due tomorrow that they could have easily done for the past two weeks – classic.