Location: Underway to Fernando de Noronha

Our current Lat/Long has us slightly under halfway to our next destination, and I, for one, have never been to the South American continent before. I am feeling a mixture of intrigue and excitement as the Arq de Fernando de Noronha steadily approaches. Having the mainsail up these past 48 hours has presented an opportunity for a number of the crew to test themselves with some fairly deep downwind (motor) sailing. A fairly consistent breeze of around 15-20 knots (that’s approximately 17-23 mph for all you landlubbers) out of the Southeast has provided us with a solid push in the right direction.
All of our would-be open water divers today had their worlds opened up to their first of 5 dive theory classes. Of course, I am biased, but I truly believe that one of the unique aspects of the trip is the instructor’s ability to naturally interlink a multitude of classes on offer. Our student divers have the added bonus of having already learned about the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the oceans, and I think there is now a growing general feeling of excitement that once breathing underwater, they truly will have immersed and submerged (pun intended) themselves into our academics.
Like the sunset, a little earlier this evening on account of ships clocks moving an hour back, Argo and her crew are ready for another beautiful night out in the middle of the Atlantic.