Location: Underway to Mo'orea

This morning I woke up with a bit of sadness, remembering that we are officially one week away from the program ending. With that in mind today, I appreciated even the small things, including my wake-up for watch this morning at 8 am, where we reminisced about the beautiful atoll and pearl farm we had just visited. We also discussed the possibility of spirits while Tim played his new game of tying sail ties to the back of peoples PFD’s so it looks like they have tails. The wind was particularly kind to us all last night through this afternoon; it became obvious that we were going to arrive in Mo’orea earlier than expected, which means that the rescue divers get a head start on finishing their course tomorrow morning. After our last 08-12 morning watch, Alex, Sam, and Jenna prepared some delicious savory and sweet homemade scones- lemon and bacon/onion/cheddar. After lunch, we started on some EFR (Emergency First Responders) training.

The training course was taught by the one and only Amy and Tim. They taught us the appropriate procedures for how to assess a situation and what needs to be done in the case of someone being unresponsive and not breathing. We also learned how to properly make a splint and how to apply pressure to a wound. This was a nice refresher for me since I hadn’t done a course like this since I was training to be a lifeguard at age fourteen. These skills are very useful, as well as the rescue diver course; just, in general, it’s very important to know what to do in an emergency and to be able to react accordingly. After class, we took our rolly deck showers per usual and then had dinner, which was a build-your-own sandwich bar, and then we ended the night a good old-fashioned squeeze where the question was “What place from our trip would you like to revisit?” Now we all have a very bittersweet feeling as we begin our final night watches of the semester.

Pictured: Last bow watch with Seby
Fam picture before dinner
Bread fight with Jack, Amy, and Tim

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