Location: Underway to Fiji

Today watch team 3 started with the 12 am to 4 am watch. Frankie spent a considerable amount of time attempting to tell a joke about chickens crossing a road and going to Chicago that nobody understood. We crossed 5000 nautical miles of travel on our trip, which means that we all can now get a tattoo of a swallow in addition to a shellback turtle for crossing the equator (sorry, mom). For lunch, we had shepherd’s pie prepared by Mac, Gillian, and Bella. In the afternoon, we started our emergency first response class with Lolo. We learned about approaching and assessing a scene and primary care, including CPR and the Heimlich maneuver and providing oxygen. We had an impromptu fire drill during deck showers when the engine room heat alarm went off, but everyone is ok, and there was no actual fire or overheating.

Current position:

1. Trevor rolling Izzy into the recovery position
2. Lolo demonstrating how to set up an oxygen cylinder
3. Trip log 5000 nautical miles!