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Today’s 4-8 watch, with the (mostly) clear sky full of stars brightening up into another beautiful sunset, set me off on the right foot for day 15 of passage. Some of my favorite moments on this passage have been hanging out with members of watch team 2 on bow watch, and today was no exception the first hour flew by while I dove deep into conversation with Ezra. Some other highlights from watch this morning: Elie and I rekindling our love for boatmeal, Nick trying to get a flying fish back overboard, and doing another round of our “Bring Sally Up” squat challenge (which Sam definitely failed).

After watch, I fell back asleep for a whopping three hours before lunch; after a whole 68 days of not being able to fall asleep during the day (which get pretty tough on a watch schedule), I woke up super well-rested and got ready just in time to enjoy Elle’s super delicious couscous. Post-seconds and after a speedy cleanup, we had our split Seamanship class Bella and I worked our way through a few Navmaster problems with Elle’s help. While we were in class, the rest of the crew was on deck jibing (new high side!), and we all regrouped for our how-to presentations in leadership afterward. From Nick’s instructions on how to use the heads underway to Niko’s long-anticipated explanation of how to check the radar to Bella getting a bit stuck in her Gumby suit, we all had a great time listening to each other’s presentations and connecting them back to our leadership class.

Like all other days underway, we rolled into deck showers after class, after which watch team 2 regrouped to finish up our 2-6 watch. Argo and I had a bit of an argument at the helm, but we decided she just needs some time to adjust to her new tack. Dinner was another amazing meal cooked by Elle and her sous chefs stir fry made better by how early she brought it up. We ate a quick dinner, and today’s squeeze question was about things that we dream of doing in the future. You can catch Elie in Bhutan, Steph diving the Red Sea, and Thea backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail with her sister. Early dinner meant early cleanup, and that means that we have extra time tonight to relax, journal, read, or have a dance party in the cockpit (which is what watch team 3 is currently doing).

These past two weeks of passage have been incredible, and I’m so grateful every day that I get to cross the Pacific with 26 of the funniest, most interesting, wisest people I’ve had the opportunity to meet. By the time I’m skipper again, we’ll be in Fiji wrapping up the most awesome100 days ever, and I’m so excited to write to you all one last time!!

Till Fiji,
– Una

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Exra, Sam, and Nick excited for watch
Elie and Elle flaking the flying jib
Renee and I in the chart house