Location: Mountain Point, BVIs

Our day on Argo was filled with scuba diving, travel, and swimming. In the morning, those of us learning to scuba dive took a dinghy to shallow water and finished our confined water diving lessons. After a lunch break of sandwiches, we headed back into the water. After getting all our gear together again, we stepped off the side of Argo and into the Big Blue. During our two afternoon dives, we practiced more skills and watched ocean life. Some really interesting creatures that were seen were barracudas, eels, sea sponges, a sting ray, and lots of tiny fish. The waters were super clear, and the ocean floor was covered in coral. After rinsing off with an ocean shower, we raised anchor and traveled to another dive spot. The trip over had a fun group of people, all reading the books that they brought on deck. We then had a wonderful dinner in our rain jackets- as it rained. Overall it was a wonderful day where it seems that each of us truly was able to suck the sap out of life.