Location: Deshaise, Guadeloupe

Today was another fantastic day in Guadeloupe. We awoke to some scrumptious breakfast muffins and cereal. After clean-up, we all split to go to a few different places. Some chose to go diving, others to shore, while a few hung around the boat to study. At lunch, we all traded places. By the time dinner rolled around, most everyone had had a chance to explore the underwater wonderland and the enchanting little town of Deshaies. It was a nice relaxing day, wandering around town, eating ice cream, swimming, studying, reading, and diving; a much-needed day of R&R as our ‘finals week” winds down. As usual, at six, we all gathered together for our beloved squeeze and a hearty dinner of chili and rice. After a few eating contests and boxes of Salticrax later, it was time for the Marine Biology fish identification quiz. Now we are all scattered around the boat, chatting in the bunks, watching movies, or spread out in the salon cramming for our last big exam. It’s hard to believe our time on Argo is going to be over so soon; it feels like just yesterday we were all moving on board, meeting each other, learning about the classes and the parts of the ship. Though I will no longer be here physically come to the end of the trip, Argo and the people and experiences I have had will remain with me for years to come. This has truly been an inspiring, revitalizing, and life-changing ride. For that, I thank Argo and her crew. I am grateful to all of you for living lives unimagined! -Always Cat (Skip of the Day) *This blog contains pictures from the previous day’s diving at Pigeon Island*