Location: Deshaise, Guadeloupe

I am writing my last skipper’s log aboard Argo here in Deshaise (day-hay). It is the second anchorage here in Guadeloupe that we have visited, and due to the winds making themselves known, we only had a brief stay at Pigeon Island before this. I asked my last question at the infamous ‘squeeze” tonight. It was asking where or what you thought the person to your left would be doing in 10 years. It was aimed at the future purposely because that’s what everyone on board has to look forward to. For most onboard, these are the last days on board. For some, it’s just the beginning. Wherever we do end up, which apparently for me is living in a pretty nice shack straight out of the movie Into The Blue, all the while diving and sailing (sounds good to me), Argo will forever be in our memories. I think I speak for most, saying that she has brought us some direction in our lives, and if this is true, it could only be an epic adventure filled with too many tales to tell and too many experiences to share. I say thank you to everyone on board for showing me the best time and adventure of my life and to my family back home. I’ll see you in May!