Location: Guadeloupe

Just a moment ago, fulfilling my responsibilities as Skipper of the Day, I took down the ensign from the stern, and realized that on this voyage it would be the last time I would do so. As we lay anchored off the western coast of Guadeloupe, gladly finishing our remaining final exams and assignments, many of us have similar bittersweet thoughts about the coming last days, mostly disbelief at how quickly time moves. But how wonderful it was spent! And though we still have much yet to see and dives to complete, I must give my acknowledgments to those responsible for this incredible journey that I have been so fortunate to take part in. To my mother, father, and brother I give infinite thanks and love without them nearly all the incredible things I have been able to see and do would surely have been impossible. Endless thanks to you and all my family! And to my friends Stanley, Mark, David, Roger, Joan, Al, Dan, and Donna I am looking forward to seeing you all soon! Until then, however, we have a precious schooner to safely deliver to Antigua. Go Argo!