Location: Les Saintes

Day 82, it’s hard to believe. As a new Sea|mester employee, I think that I am in many ways feeling similar to the shipmates as our journey nears its end. In 8 days, they will be parting ways and returning to the real world. For me, it is, in the words of Shakespeare, going to be ‘such sweet sorrow” to watch these students depart. While the end of a Sea|mester represents loss, it also frames the depth of accomplishment that these students have achieved. Not only have we crossed an entire ocean, nearly 6200nm miles of it, but these students have formed relationships with 23 other strangers in doing so. They put aside personal differences, disparate backgrounds, and ideals, and they pulled together for the common good of their fellow shipmate. On a small scale, they represented what is best about humanity. Some of these relationships will be lifelong, others may be weathered by the smooth hands of time, but all will have mattered profoundly. All will have fundamentally affected each person that was involved in a positive way. It is the hope of this humble crew member that our Sea|mester ‘moments” will live on forever, in the hallowed halls of memory.