Location: Underway to Thailand

Today was fully packed full of education! We had our final exam for oceanography and an identification quiz for marine biology. The PSCT crew all had a meteorology exam on top of that as well. Sleep has been limited for most, as we must study hard when we can. Emma made banana bread yesterday, and we all got to enjoy it through all hours of the night as we rotated through the watch teams. My watch team was on from 12 am-4 am. We all love listening to Amanda Cole’s stories while she is at the helm.

Today we had our second to last lecture fro marine biology, and Carolyn taught us about marine mammals. It was one of my favorite lectures we have had so far. The weather today was beautiful, and it only rained a little bit around lunchtime. The sea state was good enough for the students to have on deck showers today. We all got fresh and clean after class. Before dinner, lots of us gathered in the cockpit and enjoyed the beautiful cool breeze from the ocean. And we crossed the equator for our FOURTH and final time during squeeze tonight! What a great day.

Current position:

Me and Margo with Justin and Ian cheesin’ in the background
Charthouse selfie with Amanda Cole, Sydnei, me, Whitney, D, and Justin
A calmer and clearer day