Location: Underway to Thailand

Today started for me at 11:30 pm when I was woken up for watch! I volunteered to do a boat check to sure everything was A-OK with Argo. A boat check happens every hour and consists of checking the deck, the engine room, the different bilges, plotting our location, making sure everything is 40/40 (40 of tilt and 40 knots of wind), and much more. The watch started off quiet as people were tired. Some of us had watched Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back the night before and stayed up late. But soon, conversations started to arise, and people began to talk more and more. I’m on watch team one who is Matty P, Jack, Grace, Lucia, Chloe, and Emma. Our team is led by Lolo and Sydnei, creating a group that has great energy and chemistry. So, soon we are all laughing and telling stories, mostly about how dangerous fireworks are.

I then got sent up to bow watch with Grace, and we got hit by a giant storm. It was almost impossible to even look up, yet I was still having too much fun. At 4:00 am, we were relieved and got to go back to sleep. While I slept, people who missed NavMaster took their exams. I was again woken up for watch at 11:30 am. I rushed to get ready and get on deck. Matty P and I got bow watch together – what a great duo, where we ate lunch, talked, and watched out for boats! After lunch, we headed down below for our last Marine Biology lecture. After we all headed upstairs for a surprise, it started off with a story about people writing cards for each other. We then got assigned to write cards for everyone on the boat about the experiences we have had with them! After that, if you were not on watch, we got some free time. I spent that time doing work on the group research project and watching the MazeRrunner. We then quickly headed up for deck showers. After I showered, I played music, and we had a small dance party on the deck. It was a lot of fun! We then had breakfast burritos for dinner made by Grace. At the end of the squeeze, we took a group photo.

– Justin M
Forever #31

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