Location: Underway to Komodo

What’s good squad,

We are still underway to Komodo, with only a couple more days to go! This morning the sunrise was amazing. For lunch, we had Carly’s Mac n Cheese which was pretty good. After lunch, we had ERF class and learned about secondary care (doing a head-to-toe check, applying bandages, and so much more). The scenarios were pretty fun, and I enjoyed Kayli acting out a very distressed friend. We then had deck showers and then dinner, which was creamy garlic chicken with spinach. For my after squeeze thing, I made everyone squeeze and then pretend to be the inflatable men in front of car dealerships. After cleanup, I played poker with Sid, Bo, Zack x, and Will. Today was a pretty good day, and I am looking forward to getting to Komodo in a couple of days! As a special treat, we have lemon poppyseed muffins made by the chef crew for a watch snack during our night watches. Fingers crossed for stars and bioluminescence tonight! We have had the tiniest sliver of a moon the last few days, which makes for lots of good sparkle breaks.

Argo’s favorite skipper, Preston

Current position: 652.2072S x12344.7222E

1) Will and Ian holding pans while putting away dishes
2) Bo and Zack being a couple of goofy goobers as gophers before the meal
3) Sid cleaning up the salon