Location: Statia

Everybody do the Charlie Brown dance or dive! Today the crew finally got a chance to explore some of Statia’s more unique features starting with an awesome wreck dive. The Charlie Brown was an old cable lying ship for AT and T over 330 feet long. When the vessel was retired it was purchased by Statia and sunk for the purpose of an artificial reef and an epic dive for us. With possibly one of the largest swim throughs around, the dive is always a favorite with SeaMester crews. After the morning was spent diving the crew went to shore to explore their first experience of a Dutch Caribbean island. A little more old fashion and slower pace of life makes for a pleasant stroll through town. All in all a very good day with still one more here in Statia before moving onto Saba, our last stop before returning to the BVI’s. It has roughly been a 60 days round trip voyage through the Caribbean to return back to our starting point. Crazy how the time flies.