Location: Statia

We started off the morning by giving thanks to O Star by cleaning her belly before the anticipated filling of ours that night. We put on our masks and fins and jumped into the ocean with our trusty green scrubbies. We cleaned the dinghies and made sure “Exy was lookin Sexy” as Kevin says. We spent most of the day doing boat appreciation so we were very excited to go out for a delicious dinner and get to relax for a bit. We received news that, because all the Americans who owned restaurants were closed for their own thanksgiving dinners, no other restaurants knew what a proper thanksgiving dinner entailed. This meant we weren’t going to be stuffing ourselves with roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. Instead, which we were actually excited about what we were getting steak! We had been raving about steak the whole trip and now we were getting some. We had a squeeze at the Blue Bead, which received some odd looks, and then ate a delicious thanksgiving dinner (Caribbean Style). We then had a night out and free time, some of us ended up having a few drinks with the chef who had made our dinner and he told us his very interesting life story, we also hung out with the owners of the Blue Bead who were a very sweet French couple. We ended the night back on O Star very full and happy and thankful to be going to bed.