Location: Green Island

This morning our head chef Eric with the assistance of Lindsey prepared eggs and sausage with crumpets and fresh island fruit for breakfast, which was pretty awesome. After cleaning up we prepped the boat for a day of sailing to Green Island which is right around the south side of Antigua. The wind was stirring up some nice white caps so we knew it would be a good sail. We were originally scheduled to sail to Barbuda today but our trusted captain Kevin got news of a tropical storm headed our way named Emily and the harbor in Barbuda is not as protected as Antigua. So we are detouring to Green Island for the night and heading back tomorrow for shelter from the storm. We arrived at Green Island around 3 o’clock and quickly put the sail covers and tarp up after anchoring because all around us was the most clear water we have seen yet on the trip so we all wanted to jump right in and go swimming. We swam/snorkeled the afternoon away and a few people explored a tiny island near us called Bird Island. For dinner Eric and Lindsey prepared pasta with a red sauce which we all devoured quickly, swimming all afternoon really works up everyone’s appetite it seems. Now its time to proceed with the rest of the presentations we were assigned at the beginning of the trip..wish us luck!