Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

This morning we awoke surrounded by the beautiful clear-blue waters of Green Island and Bird Island. We began the day with breakfast and a MTE class taught by Captain Kev. The highlight of our morning, however, was the appearance of the long-awaited boom swing. By a combination of our line-sweating and knot-tying skills we raised the boom of the mainsail and tied it off so it was almost off the beam of the boat. Kevin tied the rope swing knot and took the first swing for “safety” reasons but we all know he just wanted to be first! We were all so excited to try out the swing, and a little nervous from the height of the jump, but it just added to the fun! The rope swing had something for everyone whether it was getting up the courage to try it for the first time, or working on perfecting a backflip off of it. After lunch we headed back to Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua. With some fancy maneuvering and intricate dock lines we were again safely and securely docked. As soon as the deck work was finished it was time to take our OCE midterm that had been looming over us for the past few days. We learned, though, that after the test we were in for a treat for all our hard work. For dinner, we were headed back to Shirley Heights, where we had hiked a few days ago, for a BBQ cookout and dance party. As we walked into the party we could smell the wonderful Caribbean grill and hear the beat of the steel drum band. As the night went on we all enjoyed our delicious meals and began to make our way to the dance floor. We all became the stars of the party when we danced with a member of the steel drum band and jumped on stage to dance with the reggae band! The night was only complete after the taxi ride back to Ocean Star with everyone singing our favorite songs from the Fresh Prince theme song to Don’t Stop Believing, and everyone’s favorite, Wagon Wheel. Everyone agreed that today was definitely one of our favorite days of the trip!