Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Today was, by far, the most exciting yet. We were cheerfully woken up by “Good Morning” from Singing in the Rain and we were greeted by sunny skies as the gophers got breakfast on deck. MTE class followed with a lesson on tides. Everything was going along fine until the rule of twelfths. The crew stared blankly at Kevin as he attempted to explain the equation. Most of us still have no idea what he was talking about. For the rest of the day we had free time. Now this is something we all look forward to, except today. Our lit review for OCE class was due at 6pm. Everyone, self included (sorry mom), spent the hours of 11am- 5pm working diligently on our papers, if not longer. What would have been a perfect day to lay out in the sun or go for a swim, turned out to be some quality time with science journals down below. I’m sure, parents, that you have been informed of the possible weather heading our way, so the brief time spent on deck or on shore may possibly have been the last time we see the sun for a few days. We ended the day with delicious pesto, prepared for us by Suzie and Kevin. But not before our eccentric captain noticed his beloved spork was missing. The starving crew was not allowed to eat until it had been recovered from Marvin’s bunk. He had been framed by Claire and Suzie, who couldn’t contain their giggles when they heard Kevin’s announcement. As for this evening’s entertainment, we have class again. Tonight’s topic is the biology of oceanography. Perhaps the pending storm will liven things up a bit during dock watch tonight. (Don’t worry mom I promise we are safe and sound.)

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