Location: Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua

Today started off with more drizzle as we continued to stick out the poor weather at Nelson’s Dock Yard. A delicious breakfast was served to the crew and after clean up we quickly jumped into classes. Taking advantage of the poor weather we decided to double up on classes this morning first with an exciting Oceanography lecture followed by the movie White Squall in MTE class. The crew enjoyed taking some time off from the seriousness of classes and really got into the movie. After the movie everyone got some free time. Some of the crew decided to go hiking, others lounged and relaxed around the boat, and some decided to explore Antigua a little more and walked into town for internet and to socialize. The afternoon held a lot more excitement when the crew had their second Oceanography lecture of the day. To top the day off we had an awesome dinner of BBQ chicken. The weather has pretty much passed us and the crew is gearing up to leave for St. Barths tonight. We are going to be sailing through the night in hopes of arriving early afternoon tomorrow. I think everyone is anxious to get back out on the ocean and leave this bout of weather behind us!

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