Location: Ile Fourchue, St Barth's

After an early morning oceanography class, we headed to shore to spend a few more hours in Gustavia. With a limited amount of time, everyone ran around getting last-minute shopping in, eating as much French food as we could, and making phone calls to family members. Dinghy shuttles were arranged, and we headed back to Ocean Star to 40/40 the boat and prepared for our motor to Ile Fourche. Once things were secure, we left, and about an hour later, we arrived at Ile Fourche, a small island off the northern coast of St Barths. With some strong winds against us, we set our anchor. Following this, some people went snorkeling for their oceanography research projects. We then had dinner, followed by an MTE class. Later on that night, we were assigned our first anchor watches. Each member was given an hour of the night to make sure our anchor was secure. These watches lead us through the night into another day of excitement.