Location: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

Today was one of the rare days that many people (the entire hobbit hole included) were still asleep when I woke up a few minutes before 7, but they all got individual wake-ups before moving on to breakfast. It was a boat classic–chia seed pudding, but our chefs (Asta, Eulalie, and Sam) decided to put a twist by adding cocoa powder which everyone loved. After that great start to the day, we had a review for our marine biology exam that’s tomorrow. This consisted of us taking turns closing our eyes while Steph wrote a term on the board, and everyone tried to get them to guess what it said. While it started by giving the definition, it often turned into a game of trying to get them to piece together different parts of the long word. Regardless of how the person ended up guessing the term, we all seemed to learn a lot and are feeling more prepared for tomorrow. After lunch, everyone that missed yesterday’s nav master class was caught up, and a few others sat in a second time as this is one of the more complicated things we have learned here so far.

If anyone reading remembers what I said on one of my previous skipper days, I had said that no day on this boat can be uneventful. I had said that because on day 12, one of our dinghies decided to stop working while we were being taught how to use it, which led to us attempting to paddle back to ocean star. Poor Exy’s (our dinghy) engine hasn’t worked since, which meant that none of us were able to do dinghy school. However, a few days ago, it was finally repaired, and today we attempted to have dinghy school again. Keyword attempted. The first two groups ran smoothly, but during the third and final group, the engine once again decided to fail, with me being in the failing group both times. Thankfully we were still right next to the boat at the time, so no paddles were needed. This has, however, made me question if I have personally offended Exy somehow, as she just doesn’t seem to want to work while I’m around.

We ended our day with some fantastic burgers for dinner, and as usual, squeeze. If you don’t know what squeeze is from reading previous blog posts, it’s where we all circle up and hold hands, then give our appreciation for the day and answer the question that the skipper asks. My question was how people liked to be cheered up whenever they are in a bad mood. While most people mentioned tea, hugs, and distractions, a few said that they would rather be left alone, which made me question why anyone would turn down tea.

I’m going to leave now as we’re finishing off the movie Passenger for leadership class which is my favorite so far, but I first want to give a special shout-out to Maxime, who only got locked in the head once today.

Photo 1: Lucia and Ash before diving. Lucia got her open water certification today!!!
Photo 2: Lucia climbing up the ladder in her dive gear. Trust me. It’s harder than it looks.
Photo 3: Hedrick teaching us nav master
Photo 4: Lucia and Logan 100% paying attention
Photo 5: Marine Biology review
Photo 6: Our chefs of the day (Asta, Eulalie, and Sam)
Photo 7: The dish pit
Photo 8: Balls? Balls.