Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

After a night at anchor outside of the marina, today, we were scheduled to make our journey back to the pitons just around the corner on St. Lucia. Our morning started off efficient as ever, with Lucy ready with breakfast early and myself making sure everyone was up on deck and not hiding on our 88 ft. home. After breakfast and cleanup, we took our Marine Biology exam. Shortly after, we began passage preparations while Ash, Hedrek, and Quinn went on a journey back to the dock for various necessities. We almost lost Quinn this morning after he was stuck on the dock for not having his St. Lucia bracelet that confirms vaccination. I am also guilty of taking mine off, and once I heard the news, I frantically began digging through my laundry to find where I had left it! As we continued along with our passage prep, we had many interesting experiences with those staying at the Sandals Resort just nearby our anchorage. It started off with amateur sailors almost running into our boat with their Hobie cats. Next, we witnessed two individuals completely flip over their jet skis just a few hundred feet away. Finally, two men on an open kayak approached our boat while we were in the middle of bringing up our anchor. We all thought they were insane for coming so close to the boat while our engine was clearly on. They continued asking many questions and asking us for things until they finally left us alone. Hedrek was much more patient than I would have been. I was ready to yell at them to get out of the way (respectfully, of course). The rest of our day was spent sailing towards the Pitons. We got secured onto the mooring line around 6 pm, and then we promptly started dinner once everything was secure. The chefs had prepared us an AMAZING chicken tortilla soup. It was definitely a fan favorite.

All in all, today was a very eventful and enjoyable day! See you all again at the start of our final week! (day 73)

-Scuba Sam

Picture 1: Tate on the helm!
Picture 2: Lucy and Ted studying for the exam
Picture 3: Taste the rainbow
Picture 4: Stefi and Hedrek ft. the Pitons
Picture 5: Tate giving Teddy her haircut!! (last night)
Picture 6: Pitons
Picture 7: A perfect rainbow!
Picture 8: Logan quietly enjoying his massage