Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

What’s up everyone, it’s Quinn aka Quintin, Quinnly, and Quinnifer Aniston back again for another blog.

The smell of a wonderful French Toast Casserole made by Sophie woke everyone up for a tasty breakfast this morning. This was my personal favorite breakfast meal I’ve had all trip. After breakfast, the first group of divers went out for a nice fun dive under the Pitons. This dive is nicknamed the “Superman” because the current just pulls you along the whole time with minimal kicking required. You feel as if you are flying during this dive. As the group was diving others took this time to do some studying, napping, and laundry. The groups switched and the rest of the crew did the dive. During the dive, one of our guides had a speargun and shot several invasive Lionfish. Once everyone was back together we ate lunch and had leadership class. In this class, we critiqued and debated a film we had watched throughout the previous nights called Passengers. Everyone had different views on the topic and it turned out to be a very productive debate. After class, we dissected and filleted the Lionfish provided by our guide. Many were disgusted, but I really enjoyed having the opportunity to do this. After our dissection lab, we raised the boom and created a swing. Everyone laughed as others did massive bellyflops. Sam and Eamon were able to pull off some backflips off the swing which was very impressive. During the swinging, two massive rainbows appeared directly in front of the boat and brightened up everyone’s mood. It was very beautiful. Sweet and Sour chickpeas and rice were on the menu for dinner. Today was the first time the crew went diving at night. Tomorrow is my night dive so I can’t explain it from firsthand, but I heard from others it was one of the coolest experiences from the trip. With the last 25 days left in the trip, everyone is getting a lot closer and I’m excited to see what is to come.

Signing out,

1:Lucia climbing the swing
2,3:Lionfish Lab
4:My Lionfish ring
5:Alexis with her Lionfish ring
6: Eulalie with her fish eyes
7: Steph with her double rainbow
8:Eamon chilling on top of the Boom
10:My backflip under the rainbow
11:Steph setting up the Boom Swing
12:Eamon on the swing
13:Morning at the Pitons
14:Maxime on the boom swing