Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

Wowza!! Already 20 days since I was last sitting here writing to you all! Time flies when you’re living on a boat in the Caribbean…and when you’re having fun! Today could not have been any more incredible, so here I am to share with you one of the most epic days of my life.

This morning started off wonderfully with Fred’s Migas and bacon for breakfast. Shortly after cleanup, the first dive group set out to a nearby cliff wall. To go diving and have the Piton right above you when surfacing is one thing buttttt diving at 100 feet with crazy topography, corals, and loads of fireworms is a whole new story. If the second dive group wasn’t excited already, I made sure they were after the first group returned! While the other group experienced the underwater wonder world, the rest of us worked on our Emergency First Responder course. We hid from orographic rain (look, mom, I’m learning so much in my marine science classes!!).

Fred and her sous chefs struck again at lunch with tasty quinoa bowls. After lunch, we had a seamanship class where we continued to practice more Nav Master on the charts – not to be confused with ‘maps.’ Ocean showers and a beautiful sunset followed class. Plus, we had a very special visit from our smoothie boat friend, Blaze, who made us some DELICIOUS mango smoothies – with ice this time. Now I know you’re thinking this day could not get any better, but wait! There’s more…

Fred and company filled our bellies with pesto pasta and garlic bread. Our dinner squeeze question was to share one thing we would do subconsciously the week after being home, given our new habits from living on a boat for 80 days. The answers ranged from accidentally throwing food over our shoulders, intending it to go “overboard,” to walking upstairs to jump into the ocean. After 55 days, it’s fair to say our routines have changed quite a bit. Now, that’s almost the best part…

After dinner, two dive groups set back out in the dinghies for a night dive!!!!!!!! I really don’t mean to brag, but oh my gosh, our lives are SO COOL! I got to breathe underwater and look at sleeping fish and giant (rather creepy) crabs and bioluminescence. At the end of my dive, this amazing squid hung out with us before torpedoing into Ash’s ribs and swimming away. That was pretty rockin’ too! The second dive group loaded their cylinders in after us, and off they went for their night dive.

Only to top off my night, Sam made me some SCRUMPTIOUS hot cocoa, and Eamon, Tate, Maxime, Asta, and I watched my all-time favorite movie, Surf’s Up. How does it get better than all of that? I’m not so sure it has to 🙂

I’m off to bed, leaving you with some photos from our day and knowing I’m going to have the best dreams ever. Talk to you in 20 days!!

The Mountain

Photo 1: Eamon, Maxime, Alexis, and Quinn with their smoothies
Photo 2: Mackenzie and Hedrek working on dead reckoning practice problems
Photo 3: Fred and Hedrek with the soon to be garlic bread
Photo 4: Tate and the Piton
Photo 5: Soph and Blaze’s smoothie boat
Photo 6: All smiles when it comes to Nav Master on the charts
Photo 7: Alexis in her happy place
Photo 8: Staff photo!!! – featuring Sam’s mega smile
Photo 9: yet another beautiful sunset