Location: Great Harbor Peter Island

The tide is slowly swelling bring the wave of the world toward the stern of the merry ship Ocean Star. Her hold is now fully saturated with a salted human cargo- a hand-picked crew of the finest sailors from New England and the Midwest, areas known for producing the wiliest of seamen. We awoke promptly at 7:15. Breakfast With the swabbing of decks and lower dinghies, an exploratory party was dispatched to plunder the island Jost Van Dyke in the hope of observing marine life in a virgin inlet appropriately named the Bubbling Springs. Many sea beasts were seen, but the crew stood fast and discussed the creature’s gruesome features and place in the marine ecosystem. Lunch The work was handled, and again the crew set out for the bottom of the sea. Fish dance across reefs, and sea fans swayed in the ocean currents. Motor to Peter Island There it was a massive hawser that looked as though it had held fast the mightiest of ocean-going vessels- a symbol for fortitude. It was a plaited line of bold actions that stirred respect from the bowels of every sea-mate. What could follow such a mooring? A salty shower for each sailor.