Location: Sandy Spit

Another beautiful morning in paradise as usual. It was a pretty chill morning; we slept in until 7:15, and after cereal and granola we started in our first class of marine biology. Still docked in Gorda Sound we took some time onshore, made some phone calls and found internet connection. Today it was nice to walk on still, calm land; we all agree our sea legs are kicking in and steady land is just awkward to walk on though. So we were eager to get back on our ocean. I think after this week we’re all starting to get the idea of how to live on the ocean. The future is promising; we have a lot to look forward to and we’re all working together really well. We left the dock right before lunch, during the passage we got to know our boat a little better with the pin rail chase. Lunch was underway as we hopped on over to Sandy Spit; a lovely little island where we enjoyed a relaxing swim and some Frisbee. Barbeque dinner was delicious along with another gorgeous sunset. So today was a very chill day although a very tiring one, after-all, taking care of a boat while learning about the never ending possibilities of the ocean is very exhausting.