Location: Antigua

Our first full day in Antigua has been a blast, and we’re all loving the luxuries of being docked rather than anchored. We started our morning with a VHF radio course as part of MTE class, and after passing the quiz next week, we’ll all have a new certification to add to our list. The course included learning how to communicate with other ships over the radio and making and receiving distress calls. Because we’re docked, we have a lot more freedom and shore time than normal as we don’t have to dingy from anchorage, so after class, most of us headed to shore to explore the dockyard and get our laundry done. After lunch, we had a short OCB class on the boat and then hiked to the windward side of the island to finish class by exploring the tide pools in the inter-tidal zone. It’s been a great day in Antigua, and we’re eagerly awaiting several more!