Location: Atlantic Ocean

Once again, I’m a skipper, marking a full rotation of our job wheel and bringing you a live report from Vela. Our cheery crew is currently making our way, slowly but surely, to the anxiously anticipated Fernando De Noronha and is fast approaching the halfway point in our passage. My watch team (Steph and Will) started off a truly sweltering morning from 8-12 with a riveting conversation about Boat Fight Bracket, drawing inspiration from past discussions of mine during Moho College finals week (if you know, you know). For those curious, it was decided by all that Charlton would be the supreme winner in a bar-fight-style matchup, with Conor taking the title in boxing-style fighting. Rope princess crowns were tied, sunglasses were swapped for truly stylish upgrades, and a good time was had by all, as can be seen by the attached images.
Midday brought a wonderful lunch cooked by Emma, our head chef, who is back in cheffing order after a long rotation of the job wheel and a fast-healing toe. Luckily for all parties involved, today did not bring any broken phalanges, in stark contrast to 23 days ago (see previous blog post written by yours truly).
In a shocking turn of events, Maddy’s long-lost bilge headphone lives on, much to the surprise of all on board, and has been reported to “work better than the other one.” I guess we’ll just have to take her word for it.
We had both Oceanography and Navigation today, and the gang prepared for a looming Oceanography exam, as well as learning about the wonders of VHF radio as Vela was pelted by a short-lasting rainstorm outside. Send us well wishes for superb test grades!
Dinner was absolutely incredible, courtesy of Emma, and many of the Squeeze Appreciations went out to her, deservedly. My question for the group: give a compliment to the person directly across from you in the circle. This resulted in many resounding “awwww”s from around the audience as many heartfelt phrases were spoken. I’m currently writing this after watching an absolutely beautiful sunset. In the background, I’m getting treated to a both dramatic and surround-sound rendition of Weezer’s Africa, as performed by the Dishie Pit (in impressive vocal ranges), the cherry on top of a great day aboard Vela.

To finish off this blog post: It felt only right to follow in Conor’s skipper footsteps and ask everyone on board to send a short message home. In no particular order:
Steph: I’m only saying hi because my parents and Shaun will be mad if I don’t.
Freddie: If someone is interested in going in on a gravity battery business venture, hit my line!
Ali: Tell my family I’m running away to the circus.
Nick: Eems knows!
Meg: Love you mom and dad, sending big hugs!
Jake: Hi!
Will: Mum and Dad, tell Nia I said hey! Much love.
Kip: Can’t wait to see the people. Oceans will be crossed.
Nate: Hi, Mom! Hi dad! I am alive.
Tom: Dad, mom, Jojo, James, everyone else: Sorry I haven’t been in contact, I’ll call you soon. Love you all very much, having a great time!
Frida: Happy late Valentine’s Day, I made pink heart-shaped cookies today. Miss you fam!
Stina: Hello, friends and family; believe it or not, I am alive in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The fridge just exploded, so I’m sorry this message is short. I love you all!
Emma: I miss you. I love you guys but don’t worry about me. I’m fantastic!
Conor: I’m currently knee-deep in a dish pit, but I love you guys, and I miss you all; I can’t wait to talk to you soon. Give Noela a pat for me!
Maddy: Hi everyone!!! I hope that it’s snowy back home!
Sophia: Hi, mom, dad, Jack, and Camden! Missing you all dearly and your voices, thinking of you often. Keep sending me updates. We will have service soon!
Arielle: Hi mom, dad, and Asa, I miss you all a lot, tell my friends I say hi!
Alva: Hej! Jag mar bra, lite sjosjuk igen, men jag har jattenoligt anda. Saknar er!
Kaden: The Drizzly Bear is chillin’. Hi mom, dad, Maddy, and Carsyn!
Laszlo: Hi mom, dad, and Erzsi, Granny Pupah, and Omi! I’m doing fantastic. I’ll try to call you guys in Fernando. See you guys soon!
Benno: Love you, Mom and Dad!
Charlton: Give Jack an extra gush (y+m=s)!

And finally, myself: Hey, mum, dad, friends, and family! I miss you all bunches, but I am beyond excited to celebrate my birthday with such an awesome crew. Sending all the love, and I will call when I can.

Signing off for now,
~Mads <3