Location: Singapore

Our last day in Singapore was spent doing what we do best, eating. Some went to Little India, others got lost in a Korean town, and still more lounged by the marina pool and spent our last few hours enjoying both the sunshine and the pouring rain. For lunch, we found a great Australian cafe where we, ironically, ate enough to feed the whole western side of Australia. The wanderers who ventured into the city found quirky little places such as cat cafes to spend their time. For those who don’t know and probably shouldn’t know, a cat cafe is a standard cafe for all intents and purposes but with cats milling about the floor. Essentially, they had a purposeful cat infestation. After a lazy day, we all got together for one last squeeze question as a group.

For those of you who didn’t already know, we had to say goodbye not only to Singapore tonight but also to one of our crew and family onboard, Caroline. A few days ago, Caroline broke her big toe after the lazarette hatch closed on her foot; she saw a doctor and had surgery to get it fixed and set with pins and is going to be fine, but unfortunately, the doctor’s opinion was that she should not be on board a boat since her foot needs to stay dry. There is more chance of getting it hurt again if she stays on a wet, moving boat. We are all very sad that Caroline had to leave, and we know she is too, but she also knew it would be the best decision for her health and safety to be at home with her family while she recovers. Caroline asked the squeeze question tonight of what are you most thankful for this trip and gave her answer of having two amazing months onboard. As we went around the circle, many people said that they were thankful for the cool experiences we have had and all of the places we had gotten to visit, but most responses had to do with the people on board. The consensus was that we have a pretty awesome crew onboard Argo right now, and the best memories that everyone has are just of spending time together. We will miss Caroline a lot over the next few weeks, but I am positive we will think about her on a constant basis, and we are all so happy that we were able to meet and spend as much time as we did together, and we can’t wait to have a reunion back in the states this summer!

Caroline, I’m really going to miss walking into the starboard three-man after a long day and hearing your laugh. You had a way of making everyone feel better about their situation; no matter how dramatic we were being, you were always patient. Can’t wait to see you again at Timberlock. – Shannon

My CaroLion, I have no idea what I am going to do without you on bow watch! Who am I going to have crazed coffee conversations with and deep hearts to hearts? Haha. I will miss you terribly, but I know we will get together again soon until Timberlock, Morgan.

I miss your photography already. Enjoy Bodie, and keep smiling, lovely. Until next time, Desiree.

You learned so much on this trip, and I have learned so much from you. I am so lucky to have had you for as long as we did, running around calling out the names of the lines and exploring the jungle, and diving in the ocean. We will miss you, but this is just the beginning of our friendship- you can’t get rid of us now!! Love, Katie

I’m with Katie; you aren’t going to be able to get rid of us now. I’ll be Facebook stalking you on the reg. Not to mention showing up at Timberlock this summer, next summer, and every summer! What was it you considered putting on our shirts… those that sail together stay together? Well, as cheesy as it is, we’ll be proving it right. Lots of love and hugs and healing, Mandy P.S. We will be dancing as soon as your toe heals up!

My Dearest Caroline, you have changed us all, most of all me. This semester would not have been the same without you. Though we are physically apart, I just want you to know that our friendSHIP ( haha, get it?) has just set sail and will be underway for a long time to come. (Am I getting better at those metaphors yet?) I know you’re happy at home doing HA and watching the land dolphin run around. Just don’t make the boys stand driveway watch for too long! I miss you so deeply, and I can’t wait until the day that I see you again. I know it’s coming soon. Just please know that I am grateful to you as well for everything that you have taught me and given to me. Nothing is over. Love always, Anna.

Caroline, I’m so happy for the two months we got to spend hanging upside down on our bunks, doing the fish dance and speaking in Gru voices. You are one tough cookie, and we will miss you in these final three weeks. Sending lots of love and get well soon wishes your way!!! Cannot wait to see you in Vermont! xxx Giulia