Location: Underway to Tioman

Today Argo and her crew put the lights of Singapore to their stern and slowly weaved their way past massive tankers and container ships. While nice showers of One 15 Marina will be missed, we do all enjoy putting the sails up again and getting back to the simple life of watch, class, and eating onboard after our fast-paced few days on land. Now back underway, we had two classes after lunch rather than just running around Singapore. In OCE, we started learning about climate change and how it can affect marine species. After we had gathered our knowledge, we put it to the test as we were given a fish that we had to keep alive through an entire year. Our fish had to feed regularly and make its way to mating grounds (represented by squares Laurie drew on an old sheet, creating a huge game board), all while staying in water temperatures that it could survive in. With most of our fish still alive, we moved on to MTE, where we continued to practice for our Navigation Master exam. With our practice charts out, we plotted estimated positions and courses to steer in order to counteract a current. As we began to leave behind the busy shipping lanes around Singapore, we did something that we hadn’t done before; reef in the mainsail. Reefing reduces the sail area and helps keep the boat more in control in strong winds or busy shipping lanes. We are now heading away from most of the boat traffic, and when we wake up in the morning will be close to our next destination of Tioman, Malaysia.