Location: Singapore

Today was another day of enjoying the city of Singapore. The morning started out a little differently than the past few, though: after breakfast, we all convened on deck for squid and fish dissections. Everyone enjoyed seeing the insides of our marine friends after we had learned about them in marine biology. After dissections and cleanup, groups took off in various directions around the city or closer to Argo. One group ate their way through Chinatown once again (boba, sushi, spring rolls, sweet buns, onion pancakes…), plus a bit of shopping, then jumped on the metro to the gardens by the bay. There they enjoyed walking around the beautiful gardens and found the children’s park, where Max and Hunter channeled their inner 3-year-old and played hopscotch, slid down slides, monkeyed across monkey bars, and balanced across balance beams. Another group stayed closer to the boat and enjoyed a leisurely day around the marina, lounging by the pool and taking advantage of laundry machines to get their clothes nice and clean for the last portion of the program. After a dinner on board of pizza, made by Morgan and Mandy with the homemade dough a la Shannon, we all got in a bus and headed across town to the Singapore Night Safari. After a pit stop for some Ben and Jerry’s at the entrance, we climbed on board a tram that took us all throughout the park, which was kind of like a mix between a zoo and safari. After the tram ride, we could then explore the walking paths to see more of the animals. In essence, some of the highlights included elephants, lions, adorable tiny mouse deer, a slow loris, and some crazy looking giant flying squirrels. It was a fun but busy day, and almost everyone was passed out on the bus ride back to Argo. Everyone is now in bed to get some sleep before enjoying our final day in Singapore tomorrow!