Location: Singapore

Night out in Singapore was a smashing success for the Argo crew. After waking up before the sunrise to eat breakfast and catch the bus to Singapore, we all spread out to explore Chinatown, Holland Village, Orchard Street, the botanical gardens, and much more. I, for one, was happy to eat my way through the city’s many cultural influences (the soup noodle in Chinatown was especially delicious, and I got complimented on my proper use of chopsticks!). It rained hard in the afternoon, but that is nothing we hadn’t faced before, so we didn’t let it ruin our fun. Toward the evening, we all came back to Argo to drop off gifts and goodies we picked up for the day and get ready for the night out. Let me tell you; the Argo crew cleans up very nicely. The girls pulled out their dresses, and the boys donned their button-up shirts, and we all set out to paint the town. More comfortable with the metro now, we explored different parts of Singapore’s nightlife before converging on Clarke’s Quay, where live music and colored lights lit up the night sky. True to form, we all arrived back on Argo well in time for curfew, ready to get some sleep after an exhausting and amazing day.