Location: Great Harbour Peter, Peter Island, BVI's

Which fantasy Land would you go to, Jurassic Park, Middle Earth, Never Never Land, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or the Shire?Activities and comments: Our final day at anchor was spent in Great Harbour Peter, Peter Island. They day began with our final Oceanography exam, followed by our science research project presentations to the group. It was interesting to hear the results of everyone’s semester long projects, these included a study into how Diadema sea urchin spine length varied with depth, what the potential impact of tourism and boats was on reef substrate, how the size of fish we caught varied with latitude and if there was a recordable dramatic change in temperature (thermocline) with depth at many of our anchorage sites. The afternoon was spent snorkeling, relaxing on the beach and enjoying one of our last days together. Des and I prepared a delicious dinner of roti’s, with some help from Holly of course. After dinner we watched the slide show Ryan had put together, reminiscing of our past 80 days together, there have certainly been a lot of laughs. Written by Beaker.