Location: Great Harbour Peter, Peter Island, BVI

We awoke this morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with a fire drill at 7:30. We all scrambled to our feet and grabbed our lifejackets, and reported on deck. We ate breakfast as I rallied the troops for the day’s activities, which included two dives. We began with the Rhone, which is one of the BVI’s most famous wrecks, and were greeted by a friendly turtle and the massive wreck of the old mail ship. The hulls were alive with all the corals, and the swim through had an eerie glow to it. After our dive, we moved Ocean Star to Peter Island, where we prepped for our Culmination Dive on the wreck of the Fearless. After possibly our best meal of the trip, we got cleared up, put our dive equipment into the dinghies, and headed out for the dive. The sunset as we geared up, and with an unusually dark night, we descended. With our bright lights, we illuminated the wreck and all the little creatures that lived on it as well as the local Barracuda that was anything but small. After the two awesome dives, we called the end to our diving for the trip.