Location: Saba

Today was a much-anticipated day aboard Ocean Star. After an early breakfast, followed immediately by hauling the anchor and raising our standard four sails, we got the go-ahead to fly our fisherman. This four-sided topsail flies above the foresail, between the foremast and the mainmast. A few brave souls ventured into the lazarette to retrieve the big sail bag, which was hauled on deck and brought forward to the leeward rail. Simon explained the intricacies of flying the fisherman, and the crew executed the hoist with ease. Once up, the fisherman flew gracefully above our foresail and helped Ocean Star along on her broad reach. The crew was all excited and pleased to have a new sail up for the leisurely trip from Statia. Arriving in Saba, we held all five sails along the coast until we arrived at our anchorage and struck the sails one by one. With the sails down, we picked up our mooring ball and secured the boat while Simon cleared customs. The afternoon was spent studying, writing articles for the Tell-Tale, and attending the final oceanography lecture of the course. After a great dinner of chicken pot pie, the crew attended an MTE class before more study time and bed.